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About Us
Lingle’s Hollieanna Groves is a small, family owned and
operated,  3rd generation grower, harvester, packer and
shipper of Florida Citrus.  We've been packing and
shipping delicious tree ripened Florida Citrus since 1954
and are members of the Florida Gift Fruit Shippers
Association. Our Historic Packing House, Farm Store and
offices are located on Highway 17-92 in Maitland.  We
grow select specialty oranges such as Red Navels,
Navels, Ambersweets, Hamlins, Orlando Tangelos,
Honeybell Tangelos, Temples and Valencias. Our trio of
Indian River seedless Grapefruit include the Ruby Reds,
Flame and Marsh White.  We also grow easy peel tangerines like Fall-Glo,
Sunburst and Murcott.  Our citrus is harvested by hand at the peak of ripeness,  
and transported to Hollieanna Groves in old fashioned wooden field boxes.

Our History
Hollieanna Groves was started by Hollie and Anna (hence the name Hollieanna)
Oakley in 1952.  The Oakley’s were in the grocery store business and tired of the
citrus business very quickly.  In 1954, Glenn Lingle purchased Hollieanna Groves
from the Oakleys.  Glenn, along with his wife, Jane, ran the business and
raised their four children; Phyllis, Kurt, Jason and Alinda.  It was truly a family
business and all of the children worked  at Hollieanna Groves starting at a very
young age. Sadly, Glenn Lingle passed away in June 2015.  Kurt, Jason, and
Alinda  run the day to day operations now.          

Stop By and See Us
We hope you'll visit our Historic Packinghouse and Farm Store if you're in Florida. 
We are located at 540 S. Orlando Avenue in Maitland, Florida, just 10 minutes
North of Orlando.  You can sample fresh Oranges and Grapefruit as well as
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice –it’s unpasteurized, free of additives and
full of flavor. We'll be glad to show you around and answer any questions you
may have.  We are open November through April, 9:00 to 5:00 - Monday through

Our mailing address is:     
Hollieanna Groves
PO Box 940067
Maitland, FL  32794-0067

Our physical address is:
Hollieanna Groves
540 S Orlando Ave
Maitland, FL  32751

Orders and Customer Service: 1-800-793-7848
Telephone number: 1-407-644-8803
Fax number: 1-407-539-1832
Email Us: customerservice@hollieanna.com